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Upon first review, the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, certainly seems like a pretty straightforward and beneficial law: it provides up to twelve weeks of “job-protected” leave per year for employees to take time off to care for themselves or their immediate family members who have a “serious health condition.” During this 12-week period of job-protected leave, an employer is legally required to hold your job open for you and then return you to it when you are ready to come back to work.

But upon closer look, the FMLA, while providing job protection for employees that would not otherwise exist, proves to be a much more complicated statute than it a first might seem, and our attorneys have found that employers often resent employees who exercise their rights under the FMLA (and the related New Jersey Family Leave Act) and may attempt to retaliate against them for taking leave, even though they are covered by the provisions of the law.

Who is Protected Under the FMLA?

Because the law only covers employees who work for large companies –ones that have at least 50 employees at their worksite or within a 75-mile radius of where they work – it excludes from protection the many millions of employees in this country who work for smaller companies. In addition, because the law covers only employees who work full-time (or nearly full-time), it does not cover the millions more American workers who are forced to cobble together a living by working multiple part-time jobs. As a result, only a minority of the American workforce is even covered by the law.

Moreover, employers may attempt to argue that an employee who seeks protection under the FMLA really doesn’t have a “serious health condition” and therefore isn’t entitled to leave. And while the law entitles an employee who takes FMLA leave to reinstatement, an employer may attempt to deny reinstatement because it claims there was a “layoff” during the leave, or because it “discovered” that the employee had engaged in some previously undiscovered wrongdoing.

Schall and Barasch: Attorneys With Experience Handling FMLA Cases

As FMLA attorneys in New Jersey, we have also found that there are some employers who resent an employee who chooses to invoke the protections of the FMLA to take time off from work. Once that employee has returned to work, the employer will look for reasons (or make up reasons) to use to terminate the employee or make that employee’s life so miserable that he or she is forced to quit. Many of the FMLA cases we have handled arise under the anti-retaliation provisions of the FMLA, which make it unlawful for an employer to engage in such conduct.

Attorneys Richard Schall and Patricia Barasch have handled numerous, and often extremely complex, FMLA cases during their more-than-50 years combined experience representing employees. We enjoy the challenge of tackling the most complex legal issues under the FMLA – and there are plenty of them — and taking on the biggest corporations in New Jersey.

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Much gratitude to Schall & Barasch for outstanding representation in my Equal Pay Act case - for their willingness and courage to pursue justice against the State and its limitless resources. Their legal skills are unmatched. Besides an expert knowledge of employment law, they have the fortitude and determination required for years of intense litigation. Richard and Patricia remain unwavering and always professional in the face of highly contentious litigation.

Theresa Hubal

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