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What Our Clients Say

“The professional qualifications of Rich Schall and Patti Barasch in the field of employment law are beyond question. They have now taken their substantive knowledge and substantial experience as advocates and applied those talents to mediating employment law cases. In using them as mediators, I have found that their knowledge of both the substantive law and the practical ramifications in employment litigation, coupled with calm and professional demeanors, have made them among the very best mediators in employment cases that I have used.”

– Steven Suflas, Esq.

“Rich and Patty are knowledgeable, practical, efficient and effective. Knowing the law as well as they do, they can speak candidly to the parties about the issues and outcomes, and with their style, can win hearts and minds to ‘yes.’ Their years of experience lends these methods a credibility which is genuine.”

– Kevin Costello, Esq.

“Mr. Schall was able to settle the “unsettleable” case. By really listening to my clients and giving them the opportunity to voice their concerns, he effectively gave my clients their day in court. Mr. Schall was obviously well prepared for the mediation process, having a good understanding of the details of the respective parties’ positions. By honing in on the legal issues the respective parties faced, Mr. Schall brought both parties to a mutual meeting ground. Thank you for your diligence in bringing this difficult, emotionally charged matter to a successful conclusion.”

– Mary Williamson Chatten, Esq.

“I highly recommend Patricia Barasch as a mediator. She was extremely credible with both sides and effective in assisting counsel in resolving the case.”

– Benjamin Folkman, Esq

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